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Our teams are growing, and we're looking for you! Take a look at some of the teams and roles below, and get in touch for more information, or for a chat.

Leadership Team

Youth Team

Up for championing young peoples' voices?

We're looking for people to join our District Youth Team. Ideally, you'll be over 18 (or nearing 18), and under 25, and keen to make a difference to young people.

Involvement with the Youth Team is flexible, and we can build your volunteering around the time you have to give, and your interests.

Find out more about joining the team.

Group Lead Volunteer

We're always on the lookout for people to join our Leadership Teams. At the moment, we also have some upcoming opportunities for Group Lead Volunteers to take the reins of one of our successful groups, and lead them forward. 

Group Lead Volunteers:

  • Manage volunteers in Group teams, helping them to complete their tasks, whether that be working with young people, or behind the scenes.
  • Work with the Group Trustee Board, to ensure that there's a link between the Operational and the Governance teams in the Group.
  • Lead on setting the direction of the group, setting vision and targets such as growth, development, and direction.

Inclusion Team Member

Our Inclusion Team helps ensure that every member's needs can be met, through providing support and advice to volunteers, making Scouts inclusive and accessible to all Young People and Adult Volunteers.

Tasks may include

  • Providing advice on specialist topics, including Additional Needs, LGBTQ+, Ethnicity, Mental Health, Disabilities.
  • Working with Kent Scouts' Inclusion Team.
  • Signposting to training and other services.

Programme Team

Programme Team Leader

Our Programme Team Leader provides vision, direction and oversight for the Programme Team. The Team Leader ensures all tasks are completed, either by team members, or they may choose to take on some themselves. The Programme Team Leader is a key member of the District Leadership Team.

Programme Team Member

Our Programme Team supports sections to run safe, enjoyable and high-quality programmes, and delivers events best run when sections come together. 

Tasks may include

  • Contributing to the planning and delivery of two events a year - this could include coming up with ideas, helping with logistics.
  • Helping 4-14 year olds to achieve their top awards, by supporting leaders.
  • Encouraging sharing of good practice.
  • Facilitating activities that require adventurous permit holders, and supporting leaders to understand them.

Nights Away Assessor

Currently known as Nights Away Advisers, we're looking for adults already involved in Scouts who have a Nights Away Permit, and are ready to support other adults in gaining theirs. 

Our Nights Away team is flexible - whether you want to support lots of people with advice and best practice, or just support one person every now and then to gain their Nights Away Permit, there's a space on the team for you. 

Quest Team Leader

Have you heard of Quest? It's our District camp, held roughly every four years, where every member of Malling Scouts is invited to come along for a weekend of fun and adventure. 

The last event, Quest 8, was held in 2023 at Lower Grange Farm - that means the next one will be Quest 9, and we're looking for someone to lead the team! Ideally, you'll have experience running camps or events, but even if you don't, we still want to hear from you. 

The Quest Team will grow in the run up to the event, and you'll be able to help shape this. If you're not interested in being the Team Leader, but are interested in being on the team, still get in touch!

Support Team

Support Team Leader

Our Support Team Leaders provide vision, direction and oversight for the Support Team. The Team Lead ensures all tasks are completed, either by team members, or they may choose to take on some themselves. The Support Team Leaders are key members of the District Leadership Team.

The Support Teams keeps things running behind the scenes, helping to co-ordinate fundraising, maintaining our campsite, supporting volunteers with safe scouting advice, and maintaining other finance functions.

The Support Team Leader will support sub-team leads, so doesn't need to be an expert at everything - their main responsibilities are to support team members, and feed into the District Leadership Team. 

Growth & Development Team

The Growth and Development Team helps to get more people into Scouts. The Team ensures the provision that we have is good, and improving, identifies opportunities, and supports the opening of new provision.

Tasks may include

  • Liaising with Groups and the local community to identify opportunities for growth.
  • Working with Kent Scouts' Growth & Development Team. 
  • Providing advice to groups to grow their numbers.
  • Working with the District Leadership Team to grow volunteers across the District.
  • Review of the Annual Census data to identify growth opportunities, and support Groups.

Media Team

Our Media Team shout about what we do, helping to share news, publicise events and campaigns, and capture content at events and section meetings.

Tasks may include

  • Content planning and scheduling.
  • Content creation - capturing photo and video. 
  • Content creation - design and editing.
  • Collating content and encouraging sharing from groups.

Safe Scouting Support

It's our top priority to make sure that everything we do is as safe as it is fun - no background in Scouts required, and no specialist knowledge either; why not join our team and focus on Safe Scouting?

Between the team, you'll share out tasks, taking on one or more, working with team members and other adult volunteers in the district to:

  • Provide advice and guidance to volunteers on how to run safer activities.
  • Support with reviewing risk assessments, to advise and champion best practice.
  • Work with District teams to ensure all District events uphold the highest safety standards, setting a good example to our members.
  • Support members who have to report incidents to HQ.
  • Support and manage Safeguarding incidents, where delegated by Team Leads / Lead Volunteers.

Digital Support Team

Know your way around the internet? Everything is becoming more digital, and we've got many systems that need looking after - you may be an expert at emails, and want to try your hand at looking after a website, or new to managing digital systems.

The Digital Support Team will:

  • Look after our website, managing the CMS, and providing support to users, when loading content.
  • Manage our Microsoft 365 tenant, creating new users, and supporting users with the adoption of MS Teams, and Outlook.
  • Provide support/advice to Groups who want to setup in the digital sphere.

Fundraising Team

As a charity, we're reliant on Fundraising to do everything that we want to do. From supporting Jamboree participants, to raising money to keep the every day happening, our Fundraising Team do it all. The Fundraising Team also support with projects, such as Development at the Campsite.

  • From organising events,
  • To looking after the Friends of Comp Wood, 
  • To applying for grants.

Trustee Board Administrator

We need someone to keep us on the straight and narrow, helping organise the District's Trustees, taking minutes, ensuring actions are carried out. Our Trustee Board Administrator won't be a Trustee (unless Appointed), so it's a flexible, hassle free role that helps make a big difference! 

Campsite Support Team

Up for helping us at Comp Wood? From weekly Tuesday mornings, to ad hoc days, mornings and an hour here and there, there's a way for almost anyone to get involved.

Whether you've got experience looking after a campsite, building or big field, or you just like being in the outdoors, we can put you to work! 

Let us know how you might want to get involved, and we'll put you in touch with the team. 

14-24 Team

Young Leader Support Team Members

The Young Leader Support Team deliver training, encourage networking, and provide programme, to support 14-17 year olds volunteering in Scouts.

As part of our vision, we want more to see more Young Leaders giving their time, helping young people to learn skills for life - the Young Leader Support Team work with Groups and Explorer Units to promote volunteering opportunities.

Explorers Section Team Members

Explorers are our 14-17 year olds, and meet across three units in Malling. Explorers Section Team Members work in partnership with young people to help shape their scouts experience, and deliver fun and engaging programmes. 

Volunteering Development Team

Volunteering Development Team

The District Volunteering Development Team makes sure all volunteers in their District have a positive and enjoyable volunteering experience. They make it easy for people to join and learn new skills. Team members agree specific tasks, so you don't have to be a jack of all trades, and being part of the team is flexible, as will all teams in Scouts.

  • Help attract and welcome new volunteers to District and Group teams,
  • Make sure volunteers are well supported,
  • Help volunteers with their learning,
  • Recognise volunteers for their achievements.

Welcome Conversation Volunteer

Welcome Conversation Volunteers help welcome new volunteers to Scouts. You'll be an active volunteer in Malling, and on hand to help new volunteers through their joining journey. 

As a Welcome Conversation Volunteer, we'll give you an Accreditation, after you've done some short learning - you'll then join our pool of volunteers, and we'll call on you when we need you.

If you're interested, or want to find out more, please get in touch.

First Aid Trainer

Keeping people safe is our top priority. Our volunteers need to renew their First Response learning every three years, and we have more volunteers now than we ever have done before, working with young people, who need to do this learning.

You may have a medical background, or train people in first aid elsewhere, or you may just have an interest in first aid, and want to try something new. 

You might join the Volunteering Development Team, or you might help out more informally/flexibly - get in touch to discuss what might work for you.

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