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Site Operational Instructions

Bookings to be made as usual, and keys to be collected as arranged with site warden.

Users will be expected to undertake the necessary cleaning as described in our guidance document.

The campsite team will undertake some further additional cleaning and procedures in order to ensure it is safe.

All Scouts activities must be conducted in line with current P.O.R guidelines

All Scout groups will be covered by the Association Public Liability insurance for the site

The Campsite Committee reserve the right to refuse use of the site if suitable cover is not evident, or if operational regulations are not adhered to

The water MUST be switched off at the stop cock in Male toilets and for the field taps

All electric appliances MUST be switched off at their associated power point

ALL rubbish must be tidied up at the site and taken away with you. We have no refuse collection service at present

ALL un-used wood must be returned to the wood compound

PLEASE leave the site as you would wish to find it

Keys MUST be returned at the end of the event with payment. Keys returned in an envelope stating number who have attended event, numbers of campers, number of day visitors.

ALL accident and near miss forms should be completed and placed the secure form box situated in the building.

ALL forms have to be monitored

Portable heaters are not to be used – if heating is needed, ask a member of the warden team to assist you.

All appliances brought on site must have a valid PAT certification.

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