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Turning 17? Read on!

Turning 17? Only 1 more year left in Explorers!

We hope you have been having an amazing time as an Explorer and continue to do so in your final year, but now is also the time to start thinking about what happens next. We want you to know that the fun doesn't stop when you turn 18, not at all! Network is the next step up and continues right where you left off with loads of fun and exciting opportunities.

But don't worry, when you turn 18 you will automatically become a Network member, but you might want to start thinking about if you would like to look at an adult volunteering role too. There are loads of roles that might suit your interest, most if not all of which are super flexible so can suit you if you plan to head off to university or otherwise. 

One of your Explorer leaders will want to have a chat with you soon about the next steps, start to have a think about what interests you and how you want to continue your Scouts journey.

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