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KIJ 2025

When: 2 - 9 August 2025
Where: Kent County Showground, Detling
Who: 5000+ Scouts, Explorers and Volunteers from all over the world!

The Event

Malling Explorers are taking a Contingent to the Kent International Jamboree (KIJ) in 2025. KIJ hosts Scouts, Explorers and Adult Volunteers from all over the world, and happens every four years. This event promises to be the 'Festival of Scouting and Guiding' with over 100 activities, and some 'world-firsts' for the event. Explore the KIJ website to find out more about camp life, and what's on offer. 


The Malling Explorers Contingent will be coming together a few times ahead of the event, where all Explorers and Adult Volunteers will get to know each other, and get used to living, working and having fun in each others' company. For Explorers and Adult Volunteers joining us, we expect everyone to attend each of the pre-events:

  • 4-6 October 2024
  • 25-27 April 2025
  • 14 June 2025

What's included

Within the event fee, all Explorers will get:

  • Their KIJ fee paid for, including camping, activities, and access to daily stage shows
  • Full catering when we're on-event
  • Pre-events, including activities, camp fees, and catering
  • Merchandise, both chosen by Explorers and the Jambo Pack

The contingent fee, including everything above, and likely more, is £495 per Explorer. 

We're setting out a payment plan to help break this down into monthly payments, and are happy to agree alternative payment plans, where needed. Finance should never be a barrier to taking part in a Scouts activity/event, so if you think it could be an issue, please let us know, and we can explore different financial support options, based on your circumstances.

How do I get involved?

1 - Express interest, by visiting our Registration Portal. If you've already expressed interest by filling out the form when your Explorer/Scout Leaders sent it out, no need to do this again, as you'll already be on our list, and receiving our emails. 
Please note: Explorers must be under 18 at the start of the event to attend as a participant. International Service Team (KIST), or attending as a leader with a Scout Troop could be a good option if you're too old to join us!

2 - We'll then be in touch to let you know if you've got a space - we're making sure that spaces are allocated fairly across the Explorer Units in Malling, so you may be on a waiting list at first, but we'll keep you posted, and do everything we can to take as many Explorers as possible to KIJ 2025.

3 - When we offer you a space, respond by adding more information to the Registration Portal within a week of us getting in touch. Once you've done that, you'll receive payment information to secure your space.

The Small Print

The Small Print

The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. All payments are considered non-refundable. We may provide a refund where:.
    1. .Non-attendance is due to unforeseen serious ill-health (at the contingent leadership team's discretion)
    2. Other extraordinary circumstances do not allow attendance (at the contingent leadership team's discretion)
    3. following point 2 below
  2. If an attendee wishes to cancel, the contingent leadership team reserves the right to require the cancelling attendee to find a replacement attendee as a pre-requisite for a refund.
  3. Where an attendee (young person or adult) is suspended from the Scouts, this will result in them being unable to attend the trip and a refund cannot be provided.
  4. A code of conduct will be drawn up at the pre-events, however, in all cases we expect young people to follow the Scout Law. The contingent/event is being run in accordance with Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) and all attendees are bound by the rules laid out in this. Poor behaviour at the pre-events/prior to the event could result in participation in the trip being terminated. A refund will not be possible in this situation, in line with point 1.
  5. In the event of poor behaviour during the event resulting in an individual needing to leave the event early. Parents/guardians will be expected to arrange the individual leaving the event early. A decision to send an attendee home from a trip early will be made by the contingent leadership team.
  6. Some changes are necessary because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances which neither we nor our suppliers could foresee or avoid, even with all due care. These circumstances include industrial disputes, closure or congestion of ports or airports, road blockades, unavoidable technical transport problems, war, civil unrest, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, epidemic or disease, adverse weather conditions, natural or manmade disasters or similar events. In these circumstances, you will not automatically be entitled to a refund or compensation. In these circumstances, the contingent leadership team in consultation with Malling District Scout Council will work diligently with their insurance underwriters to determine if refunds or compensation should be provided.
  7. We have outlined a series of activities that are likely to feature in the event programme, however, this is simply an outline. The leadership team will aim to adhere as closely as possible to the programme outlined, but we may need to make adjustments for a variety of reasons, including those outside our control.
  8. The trip budget has been prepared with a variety of quotations and a contingency. The contingent leadership team will work to ensure the best event possible can be provided in line with these wider factors. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances that cannot be easily managed, we will update parents as soon as possible on our actions and next steps.
  9. Whilst the event budget is prepared on the basis of breaking even and does not intend for a surplus to be made, sometimes surpluses exist due to unexpected discounts/price savings etc. Any surplus that arises from the event budget following the end of the trip will be used as part of the post event legacy - including supporting the delivery of the wider programme to the age group attending the event and future events of a similar nature.
  10. All attending adults must hold a role in Scouts with a current valid DBS check and up to date mandatory training (ie being compliant) on the date of departure and for the duration of the trip.
  11. You are responsible for your own personal possessions and property that you bring to the pre-events and the event itself, you should take care of these. Malling District Scout Council cannot accept any liability for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  12. Media - The contingent and event team will be taking photos and videos during the event. These images will be used by Malling Scouts and Kent Scouts to share news about the event, and to publicise future trips. Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on Malling Scouts' social media streams such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat. They will be stored securely. If you would prefer for you not to be recorded, please highlight this in the registration portal and we will facilitate the management of these photos to our best efforts
  13. As part of the event, we will be required to collect personal data about participants. This will be available to the event leader(s) and required contacts as part of our InTouch (emergency) contact process. This data is required so that we can prepare for the event and in the event of an emergency. We will also be required to collect sensitive (special category) data about you, this data is required so that we can offer additional support if required and keep you safe whilst on the event. We may share your personal data with third parties, for event/activity registration. These third parties are used on the basis that they align with our data privacy policies. We take your personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide to us is securely stored in Cognito forms and Malling District Cloud Storage (Office 365) and will be kept for 6 months after the event for any queries that arise before being securely destroyed. For further detail please get in touch with explorers@mallingscouts.org.uk

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