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Last updated: 20 October 2023

We've taken out insurance through Unity Insurance Services, an insurance broker wholly owned by The Scout Association. They know Scouts, and we have experience working with them, so should we need to make a claim, we're confident that we'll be in good hands. The policy we've chosen provides a good level of cover, at a good price, for every member of the contingent.

We encourage every member of the contingent (/ their parents/carers) to read the 'Insurance Product Information Document' to know what's covered, and what's not. If that still leaves you with questions, you can read the full 'Policy Wording'. If questions come up frequently, we'll do our best to summarise the answers here.

Things to consider

  • You must be fit to travel. Any concerns over that, please speak with your doctor.
  • Cash can get lost/stolen quite easily, so as a general rule having large quantities of it with you isn't great. The insurance policy only covers you up to £150/£200 depending on your age.
  • Some of the standard exclusions on the policy include mental health related claims - if this concerns you, please take a read of the full Policy Wording, and get in touch.
  • Professional sportspersons and entertainers aren't covered - we think we're good with this one, but if it applies to you, get in touch

Additional cancellation cover

We have also taken out a supplementary policy, topping up the cancellation cover from the £75,000 limit that you'll see in the documents below, to a limit that covers the full value of the trip. Each individual is covered up to £1000 in the event of trip cancellation.

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