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InTouch Process

InTouch is the process that helps those on-event communicate with those at home, and there'll be an InTouch Process on every Scouts event. 

Published: September 2023

On Event

On Event defines when we are together on pre-events, as well as the time between 26th July 2024 and 5th August 2024 when we are travelling and in Switzerland.

We ask that when we're on-event, all communication is through this InTouch Process, and that you don't make individual contact with your young people, or individual adult volunteers on the trip. This helps us to keep everyone safe, and provide the best support to everyone in attendance.

General News, from us to you.

When we're on event, we'll have loads of good news to share - we'll be posting on the Malling Scouts Facebook Page and Instagram Account 1-2 times a day, and we're also hoping to post a blog (link to come) on the Malling Scouts website which we'll share with you each day. 

Logistical Updates, from us to you.

When we're travelling, it may be useful for us to let you know how we're getting on - these updates will be more ad-hoc, and may be of a time-sensitive nature, so we plan for the Home Contact(s) to push these to you via a broadcast-only WhatsApp Group (details to come in mid-2024). 

Urgent Information, from us to you.

We hope that nothing does go wrong, but we need to be prepared that if something does, we know how we'll contact you. The team on-event will contact the Home Contact(s) with all and any updates - these will then be relayed to you via a telephone call, or if less urgent and for information only, via email. 

General Messages, from you to us.

We're planning to help facilitate general messages from families to attendees, and will communicate more about how this can happen ahead of travelling to Switzerland. We'll also be able to facilitate replies, too, helping us to combat any feelings of homesickness, before they become bigger issues.

Urgent Messages, from you to us.

Our Home Contact(s) can be contacted by telephone call (+44 1732 247 417) in the event that you need to contact the Contingent. They have clear lines of communication with the members of the team who will be on duty and best placed to support with relaying messages, on-event. If you need to, pick up the phone to them, let them know the situation, and they'll help work out the best course of action, contacting the on-event team. If direct lines of communication between the event and home need to be set up, they will be able to help facilitate this, with the members of the team who are on duty, using local sim cards, and WiFi enabled calling.

Between Events

When you're at home, and your attendee is too!

Between events, any questions, or messages for the team should be sent by email to the central mailbox (kandersteg@mallingscouts.org.uk) - from there, the relevant member of the team will pick up your message and reply. Please avoid messaging/emailing members of the team directly - we're using one central mailbox to make sure that messages don't get missed, the best person for the question replies, and that you get the quickest reply possible.

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