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Kit List

We've designed our Kit List to show what you might need for the pre-events, as well as the trip to Kandersteg. Download it below, and see our packing tips on this page.

Download the Kit List

Packing Tips

  • Make sure you pack everything into one bag - no-one wants to be lugging a more than a holdall and a rucksack about.
  • No hangers on! If it's not going in the bag, it's not coming in! For some reason, Scouts love hanging things to the outside of their bags - from boots, to cups and teddy bears, it's all got to go in.
  • If packing a rucksack, don't put all the heavy stuff at the bottom!
  • Pack in dry bags / packing cubes - that way, you'll know what is where in your bag, and you won't have to go routing about for your last clean pair of socks!
  • Make sure that everything has your name on it, even your underwear! It's amazing what goes walking out of your bag. 
  • Pack a bag for your dirties - no-one likes smelly clothes, and you don't want the smelly ones in the same bag as your clean ones. Pack a bag in your bag to put your dirties in, to keep them in one place.
  • More to be added!

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